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Printable Rendering
MindMap Rendering (Requires Java)
What's new?
2013 fixed some Windows issues
The full change log is in the Userguide
2011 Updated to work with OS X Lion and wxpython cocoa code
libxslt and libxml2 notes
./configure --with-python=/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/ --prefix=/usr/local --with-libxml-prefix=/usr/local --with-libxml-include-prefix=/usr/local/include --with-libxml-libs-prefix=/usr/local/lib
./configure --with-python=/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/
Use the python install to put the wrappers in the /Library/Python/2.7 area
What is it?
A Cross Platform Outline System for Encyclopedic Notes
What if you wanted to carry all your notes, textbooks, pictures and references with you at all times?
And edit them anywhere and link them together so that there was no redundancy?
And include pictures, video, or any file or your computer?
And you could publish your notes as a web site with the same functionality?
If you've asked yourself these questions, Buzz may be for you.
I use Buzz to carry all of my orthopedic textbooks, notes, images and references.
Buzz runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iPaq and Palm OS via Plucker
An XML Editor/Creator
Buzz is a non validating XML editor.
In addition it can create a schema for a set of XML files that can be used
to generate new documents using the XML from that set, sometimes called "Schema by Example"
A Translator
Buzz was designed to import and export any of it's formats.
XLINK - List of Formats
iPaq - Familiar
iPaq - Qtopia
Palm OS 5 - Plucker
1 - Install python and wxPython
2 - Install libxml2, libxslt and python wrappers
Linux and OS X
In the latest version of most Linux distributions and OS X only the python wrappers for libxml2 and libxslt need to be installed
3 - Decompress Archive and start program
Linux or OS X
sudo tar xzvf buzz.tgz in /usr/share
copy the contents of the smallbmp subdirectory into the buzz directory
or click on
Uncompress buzz.tgz with Powerarchiver to c:\buzz
Double click on
User Guide
Quickstart UserGuide
The keys to editting OPML or XML in buzz are the keys that insert, move, and edit elements
The Right Mouse button: opens a menu
F5: inserts a new element at the level above
o,F6: inserts a new element at the current level
c,F7: inserts a new element at the level below
Ctrl:P: inserts data from other programs that you copy into the tree
F10: Opens a free text editting window
Home: moves the current item up the list of elements in the tree
End: moves the current item down
Tab: indents the item
Shift-Tab or backspace: outdents the item
Ctrl-C: Copies an element or tree into a list of previously copied or cut elements
Ctrl-X: Removes an element or tree in the the list of previous copies
Ctrl-V: Inserts
Insert: Inserts the most recent element from the list of previous copies and makes
the next oldest item the most current
return,e,a,i: edits current element
To undo an edit of an element while editting, hit the escape key
Encyclopedic Notes
Object Linking: Link to an external object via the Hosts MIME system
Ctrl-O: Asks for reference
Uses: MS Word, StarOffice, Images, Sounds,Movies
X Linking: Link to a specific target in an OPML or XML file
Shift B: Generate a Unique Id (BuzzID) to Target
Shift X: Generate an X Path to you current location
If your current location has a BuzzID it will be used. Otherwise an offset XPATH is generated
Shift V: Paste an X Link
Shift G: Goto X Link Location
Pubmed Link
Shift P: Insert PMID. Link directly to PubMed XML
URL Link
Ctrl-U: Link to an arbitrary URL
Space or Double Click: Activate a link
Ctrl-F: Search in this File
F3: Search below current Item
XSearch: Starting from the Home File search for string
Spotlight: Spotlight / Beagle search
Render Directory: Renders all OPML files as HTML with X Links preserved
The toolbar includes a set of icons for the following actions:
Back in history ring
Forward in history
Home File
Recent Files
creating, saving, opening
Open File
New File
New File From Schema
Save File
printing, previewing, rendering
searching, editting, pasting, copying, deleting
Search from top of file
Paste External Clipboard
Enter Free Form Text
Insert Image
Copy Node
Paste Node
Delete Node
Xsearch from Home file
Spotlight Search
XML features
Add Attribute
Add CData
Insert Xlink from Favorites
Expanding and collapsing the tree
Join Nodes
Toggle x layers deep
Sort children
Extended Userguide